Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Asa Joseph Garriga is a lifelong con artist, starting as a youth in Mississippi.

He was born on February 8, 1966 in Biloxi, MS. He spent time in Parchman Prison Farm in Parchman, MS.

Throughout 2007 he defrauded me and my wife out of almost $40,000, and I am not his only victim here in Rhode Island.

  • He convinced an elderly gentleman to give him the title to his pickup truck so that Asa could sell it for him. Asa promised to sell the truck and return with the money paid by the buyer. Asa sold the truck, got someone to cash the check, and never gave the owner a penny.

  • Asa convinced me to go in on a deal refurbishing a vintage muscle car in New Jersey. I fronted the money for purchase and renovation of the car but I have never seen the car and now doubt that it ever existed.

  • Asa has made off with a number of our power tools. Although he passes himself off as a contractor, the only tool Asa owns is a hammer. When he convinces someone to let him do work on their house Asa borrows any tool that he can.

Asa is a serious diabetic. Because he does not take care of himself he frequently checks himself into hospitals. He has been in Westerly Hospital frequently and recently in Rhode Island Hospital.

Asa is also a serious gambler (poker). He has been banned from casinos in Las Vegas and Mississippi, as well as Foxwoods casino in Connecticut. He frequents casinos in Atlantic City and will never be too far away from a casino.

His deceptions usually involve vehicles and/or home improvements. He fancies himself a contractor, and he has done some legitimate renovation work for us, but he has little talent. He convinces people to hire him to do things like building a deck, he charges outrageous fees for the job, and gets other people to do the actual work.

Asa becomes verbally abusive once he has gained the trust of his victim. He frequently and vehemently cusses people out. He is far more likely to verbally abuse a woman than a man.

Right now there are felony arrest warrants out for Asa in both Mississippi and Rhode Island.

Please help us locate Asa. If you have been swindled out of money by Asa Garriga, or if you just know him, please add your comments to this page.