Monday, September 21, 2009

Another victim heard from!

Asa conned a gentleman in Gulfport, MS out of his '69 Mach 1 Mustang! Thank you very much for letting the world know about yet another rip off! We are still embarrased and angry ourselves, as I am sure you are too.

This person didn't say when that happened, but we know for a fact that Asa has arrest warrants in that state so we would be surprised if he is operating in that area right now.

If Asa gets picked up by the police he will be brought back to Rhode Island for his warrants here. We are patiently waiting for that day.

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  1. WARNING SERIOUS COMMENT: OMG !!Finally a Blog that is awesome !Asa has done the same all his life,his background is what makes him,his father was a Big hearted man but HUSTLED, HUSTLED everything,And made lots of MONEY,Asa always wanted to be the same,illegally,legally,it didnt matter.but,Asa knows all this is wrong and doesnt care about anyone but himself !!!He is a person who needs lockdown meds,then a Ass Whipping, PUNK !!The reason i feel this way is because ive known him a very long time here on the coast,( Biloxi,Ms. ),I had a friend visit me on the coast and stayed at a local hotel during his visit,we ran into Asa at the hotel,never once inviting him in my friends room.I left, went home and got a call from my friend and he said Asa came to his room and talked,my friend went to restroom and his wallet and paperwork gone,$5,000.00 GONE !!! YOU THINK HE LOOKS BAD NOW,WAIT TILL HE GETS A $5,000.00 ASS WHIPPING..