Friday, October 9, 2015

Update, nothing good to say

Settlement? HA

The victim advocate from the State of Rhode Island got in touch with us about two weeks ago to tell us that Asa, or someone on his behalf, wants to settle our case for $32,000. We have documented losses of over $40,000 but if there is any chance of recovering anything at all then we'll take it. It seems to me that if someone in the court system, someone who can impose punishments, keeps after Asa and tries to squeeze something out of him, then there is a glimmer of a chance.

We were told when Asa'a court date would be and we were informed that we would be able to make a victim impact statement. Sounds good, right? Well, no surprise, Asa did not appear. The disgustingly liberal judge just pushed the hearing date out a few months more. No justice was done, nothing accomplished, no relief after 8 years of irritation.

I have long since lost faith in the Rhode Island criminal justice system. Lifelong criminals such as Asa, who seldom suffer for their actions, get the benefit of every doubt, force everyone else to accommodate their schedules, and are coddled by The System.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Latest update

No surprise but Asa didn't show up for his court date in Rhode Island. Rather than issue a bench warrant the court event is that his case is now "Pending Further Investigation". What's to investigate? We have all the documentation, including receipts signed by Asa. Here are the last few events from Courtconnect: 05-MAR-2015 COMPLETED 05-MAR-2015 PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION 09-MAR-2015 PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION 09-MAR-2015 M/PERMISSION LEAVE STATE EVENT 09-MAR-2015 GRANTED 09-MAR-2015 PERSONAL RECOGNIZANCE SET 09-MAR-2015 RECOGNIZANCE FILED 09-MAR-2015 NO CONTACT ORDER 29-APR-2015 PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION His next scheduled event is: PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE 18-MAY-2015 WASHINGTON COUNTY THUNBERG, JUDGE The RI prosecutor is dreaming if he expects this to happen, the only people smiling are Asa and his taxpayer supplied lawyer. We have heard that Asa is back in NJ gambling.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Well, this piece of shit sad excuse for a human being has slithered his way out of a jam again.

He was in jail in New Jersey from May 2014 until February 26, 2015. He was released from Jail in New Jersey for time served. The money he had with him when he was arrested was paid out to a victim in Atlantic City and some other lucky recipients.

Asa was extradited to Rhode Island to face our 6 year old felony charges. The liberal Rhode Island court system dithered around and finally set him free yesterday, Feb 9, 2015. He has a hearing scheduled for next month, but does anyone think that he will show up? He has been hiding from the law for years. He won't show up. He'll have a warrant after he fails to show up, and the warrant will hang out there, but I don't think we'll ever find him again.

The justice system has failed to address the victims of this worthless predator. He will immediately go back to his old ways, cheating people out of their hard earned money, intimidating his (usually female) marks, and breathing air that would be better used by decent, law abiding citizens.

I am upset, his other victims are upset. The only person smiling is Asa. Watch out.