Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Latest update

No surprise but Asa didn't show up for his court date in Rhode Island. Rather than issue a bench warrant the court event is that his case is now "Pending Further Investigation". What's to investigate? We have all the documentation, including receipts signed by Asa. Here are the last few events from Courtconnect: 05-MAR-2015 COMPLETED 05-MAR-2015 PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION 09-MAR-2015 PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION 09-MAR-2015 M/PERMISSION LEAVE STATE EVENT 09-MAR-2015 GRANTED 09-MAR-2015 PERSONAL RECOGNIZANCE SET 09-MAR-2015 RECOGNIZANCE FILED 09-MAR-2015 NO CONTACT ORDER 29-APR-2015 PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION His next scheduled event is: PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE 18-MAY-2015 WASHINGTON COUNTY THUNBERG, JUDGE The RI prosecutor is dreaming if he expects this to happen, the only people smiling are Asa and his taxpayer supplied lawyer. We have heard that Asa is back in NJ gambling.

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