Friday, May 30, 2014

Finally arrested!

Asa finally got tripped up. He scammed a person in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, and she went to the police and reported him. Patrolman Mahr of the Little Egg Harbor Police Dept snapped the cuffs on Asa Saturday, May 24th.
An unhappy Asa Garriga

Asa is a guest of the Ocean County Department of Corrections, where he will remain waiting for additional charges to be filed by any other victims in the area. And just when he's expecting to be released so that he can disappear, he'll be coming back to Rhode Island to face the felony fraud charges that we brought against him in 2009.

This is a good day. His deceptions are being publicized in South Jersey, which will spare some people from falling victim to this smooth talking con man.

You can see his prison information by following this link: Inmate Information and entering his last name into the search box.

There is a newspaper article (link coming) and a story on the local NBC news station.

I haven't done anything with this blog for a few years now. Spammers were posting ads for all sorts of junk, I would get an occasional tip from someone who saw him in an AC casino, but until he got caught for an arrestable offense there was little that I could do. Now he's in Jail, and he'll be coming to RI to face the music.

Even though he was arrested with $40,000 cash in the car he was driving, I'm not confident that we will see any of that money. I just want the satisfaction of seeing Asa again, and him seeing me, as he is escorted out of the court room.

Thanks to K for standing up and doing the right thing. Thanks to the Little Egg Harbor PD who listened to what K told them and then went out and got him. If there are other people in NJ who have been taken by Asa, please contact Patrolman Mahr at the Little Egg Harbor PD, 609-296-3666 .


  1. Tom it was my pleasure to have this scum arrested. Now, even though we won't be able to have our house done when we needed it, because of our finances, it will do a world of good knowing he will be where he belongs. For a little while anyway. Hopefully with my newscast and more blogs on the Internet he will be permanently "put out of business"!! Some of these victims thought he was a friend, it just goes to show you can't trust anyone, as sad as it is to say. Well good luck Tom and keep in touch!

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  3. what is the status of this case? Are people still looking for him?

  4. what is the status of this case? Are people still looking for him?