Friday, June 17, 2016

Another missed opportunity?

Well, I got word today that Asa may have left Biloxi. The Biloxi PD went to where he had been working, the employer said that Asa was not there, the police left, and Asa probably heard about it.

It took us years to track Asa down - including one year spent convincing the Rhode Island police and courts that Asa had indeed defrauded us. Asa must have been born under a lucky star - waste of a lucky star in my opinion - because he slithers out of everything, only to recruit new victims.

If anyone at all has an address for him, can bring the police to him, or can bring him to the police, do the world a favor and help get Asa off the streets.

Today I heard that he is, in fact, still in Biloxi. All I ask is that you call the police to have him picked up. It has taken years to get anywhere with Asa, so please do the right thing and call the Biloxi PD.


  1. On 6/19 Biloxi PD was notifed that Asa was a patient at Biloxi Regional Hospital.

  2. He is in Baton Rouge, La playing poker at L'Auberge casino as of Oct 2, 2016

    1. Is anonymous your last name?

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  3. Some of these cases are a matter for civil court. Unfinished repairs and poor work etiquette are not criminal.